The specification of office container 40 feet is as below

12.00m x W 2.42m x H 2.58m

Insulating: By high quality tough spongy 30mm thick.

*Wall & Ceiling: Steel frame, panel foam inside for insulation, painted plywood.

*Door: 02 steel panel doors (0.8m x 1.9m) with brown glass upper, Viet Tiep lock.

*Window: 04 aluminum sliding windows (0.8m x 1.0m) steel frame with protection bar outside.

*Electrical system: All Tran Phu electrical lines hidden under wall.

04 double power point Sino, 02 switches for telephone Sino, 02 switches for lighting Sino, 02 Circuit breaker 15A for air-conditioner Sino, 02 Circuit breaker 15A for lighting  Sino, 01 Main Circuit breaker  30A outside Sino. 04 sets of fluorescent light (1.2 m).

*Paint03 coats of painting used against sea environment.

*Ventilation: 02 air-conditioner 12,000 BTU, 01 exhaust fans.

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